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As promised in my BEYONCÉ post, I did a review on her recent ‘surprise’ album! I’m sure you all probably know how I feel about the album by the gist of my previous post but I thought I’d give a detailed opinion on how I feel about each song and why I love the album so much! *Remember, this is my opinion*

One of the most effective results of dropping an album unexpectedly and which I think was also one of Beyonce’s aims – is that because of the excitement and attention the album was getting on the morning of the 13th – everyone who downloaded the album gave it his/her’s total attention. Every song and video was listened and watched attentively – everybody wanted in on this masterpiece that Beyonce had bestowed upon us! This album was literally the only thing people were talking about/still talking about, so everyone wanted to know what the hype was about. Being the music junkie that I am, I would have given the album 100% attention even if I had known it was coming out a month before it did – but to be honest I had an extra sense of excitement – I watched each video one after the other and listened to each song over and over, I felt like a kid with it’s christmas gifts on christmas morning!

So, what were my thoughts on the album whilst listening/watching? I definitely got a much more mature and powerful vibe from this album, from the standpoint of Beyonce being a woman who is bold, confident and classy whilst maintaining her sexy cool, not afraid to tap into her ghetto fabulous but also keeping in the forefront her role as a mother and a wife madly in love with her husband. Yes, I got that all from this album, I’ve watched so many interviews with Beyonce after becoming a mother and when asked how motherhood has changed her, she says she has never felt so blessed to be a woman; having the power to bring a life into this world and being blessed to be married to her best friend.

And that definitely resonates in this album, you can definitely see that she is celebrating all aspects of what being a woman is about – the good, the bad and the ugly! The good, shown in songs like Flawless, which is title that replaces for more commonly title Bow Down, of course Bey being a girl’s girl – there was bound to be a Girl’s Anthem in there somewhere and I definitely think this song fills that spot! She cleverly featured Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie call to feminism in the song, which I think is genious, not only because Adichie is an amazing writer but it really solidified the song as a whole and took away the ‘girl on girl’ rivalry the song suggested when it first came out!

Not only do we get a real sense of ‘woman’ in the lyrics but also in the videos – there’s a lot of skin and aspects of the video really show what a beauitful body Beyonce has got (sometimes a bit too much a** for my liking) but none the less – it shows she is comfortable in her skin, that’s the stance I’m taking on it, this is evident in the videos of No Angel and Blow. These two songs, I feel are also the ‘party grooving songs’ of the album – Blow I feel gives us the same feeling Party gave us, just makes you want to get up, vibe and boogie, whilst No Angel is offers a much more urban/hip hop feel, its a more of a grooving with a chill vibe kind of party song! The song Pretty Hurts  deals with the bad side of being a woman, with the obsession girls have with being perfect due to the pressure of society and the media, Beyonce is asked in the song what her aspiration in life is and she replies “Happy”, which in itself sums up the whole message of the song.

Of course, like in respect to Mr & Mrs Carter tradition, there’s a feature with Jay Z on the album on the song Drunk in Love, which is of course about being so deep in love that you don’t have control – evidently she’s talking about her man, this song is a traditional Bey & Jay Z collaboration with a strong rnb beat, and a nice hook – I was definitely vibing to this one! Following on the topic of tradition, the only other features on the album are Mine featuring Drake and Superpower featuring Frank Ocean, both are on the topic of relationships, the former reassuring the partner of the value of their relationship and the latter stating the power of their relaltionship. I feel like both features are strong feature songs and each song definitely has the Frank Ocean and Drake feel, which I think mesh well with Beyonce.

The ghetto fabulous I was talking about earlier, that we see elements of in Flawless, are fully blown out in Partition – the beat itself is so grimey and hip hop, Bey couldn’t do anything but bring a bit of ghetto on this one, this line “Yonce all on his mouth like liquor…” – need I say more? Unlike, the rest of the album which are quite heavy rnb/hip hop or either deeply themed XO has much more of a carefree feel about love, the video which is set in a theme park is fun to watch and the song brings a real balance to the album. Rocket, is so grown and I love it – it’s real rnb and when I listen to it, I can just imagine Maxwell singing it from a male’s perspective. Without a doubt, Bey does not hold back, lyric wise – so exquisite but isn’t that what rnb is all about? And the visuals for this song are intense.

The most two heartfelt songs on the album are definitely Heaven and Blue, both deal with sensitive topics. Heaven is a beautiful song, which deals with death and I think the line “Heaven couldn’t wait for you” , is the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever heard – the bittersweet feeling it initiates is just unreal. Blue which features Blue Ivy, is actually one of my favourites – it such a beautiful song for her daughter, and it’s a song that’s more than suitable for a loved one! Oh, and the end bit with Blue Ivy talking is the cutest. The song, the video which is set in Brazil and seeing how in love she is with her daughter, just makes you smile.

ALBUM RATE – 10/10

MY FAVOURITE SONGS – Honestly, I love all of them.

FAVOURITE OF THE FAVOURITES – If I must, Blue, Flawless, Rocket, Mine & Superpower.


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